A walk at night

It was a simple walk,

Past nightfall.

I was with my dog, Chloe, and was walking around in an unknown forest.

It was a simple walk.

We came across a woman, a young woman, in the middle of the walk and

It triggered something within me.

Something I forgot that even existed with in me.

Something I didn’t know was possible in a young, sane person.

We followed her path, stalking behind to keep from being noticed.

She stopped, we stopped.

I collected a colored rock as she bends over to tie her shoes.

In less than a minute, the rock made contact with her soften skull, causing a cracking noise to be released into the air.

My loyal Chloe kept watch for incoming people as the cracking noise continued


and over, 

and over again.

Evidence that could convict me of the crime filled my pockets as I swiftly back away from her.

From her incident.

I continue my simple walk back to my home,

Planning an alibi with each step.

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