Death’s Impact

Death is a natural occurrence.
It is one of the most painful parts of life.

However, it has no impact on me.

Death is a sad thing to me,
But it doesn’t bring me down.
It doesn’t bring me to my knees,
In pain, crying and wishing it was me.

It’s more of a ‘wow, I didn’t expect that’,
But It can’t bring me to tears.

My friend’s dad.
He was like a father to me,
A big part of my childhood
He had passed due to natural causes.
I only cried because I thought I needed to cry.
I was hurt, but it seemed like I should cry,
But I didn’t want to cry.

A high school classmate,
A girl I would see around school,
Passed by gun violence.
She was as innocent as Eve before the Apple.
I couldn’t cry, 
Not a single tear.
I donated to her GoFund me

My great-grandma.
I was close to her as a great-grandchild could be
I was in class when I got the news 
From my cousin’s Facebook page.
I felt like I should leave because of it.
It felt like something a grieving person would do.
I still don’t know how she passed.

A guy I went to high school with,
A grade below me,
Killed by a truck while crossing the highway.
I didn’t know much about him,
But I knew his face
And my brother knew his face.
I felt sad for him,
But I couldn’t cry.

Death has no impact on me.
It could be because I’m not as close to them,
Never really knew them, 
There was no real bond.

It feels wrong,
I feel wrong 
For having little to no reaction.
It feels as though
I am immune to human death and pain.

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