He haunts me.

The idea of him, of us, tortures my daily life.

I think about him when the morning light hits my eyes.

I feel him when my bed is empty.

I see him all over my apartment, even if he’s miles away.

It’s killing me because I don’t have him.

I don’t have him in my embrace and it is burning me alive.

I await for a call, a text, every day like a dog waiting for their own to come back from a deadly war.

You are so merged into my life

That I forget I even have one.

Your absent touch eats alive at my skin and it burns.

I want to rip away parts of me that are infected by your presence.

I want to hug you and carve my name into your flesh, as you do mine.

I want to scream and curse you for making me this way,

This desperate and this inhumane.

I want to swallow you whole so you can reside within me for eternity and beyond.

I want this haunting to end and for us to finally become one.


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