I’m sitting on my throne,
My legs in the air, a mirror in front of me,
As my favorite sex toy leads me to my climax.

Pink Moscato and Kim Crawford chills in my fridge.
A glass nearby,
waiting to be filled.

My climax is reaching its height.
I’m smiling in the mirror,
At the girl within it.

She has perky C cup breast,
With a tattoo in between them
And jewelry through the brown nipples.

Her thighs are big and brown.
And anklet falls at the left ankle 
And her toes are painted a shade of pink.

Movies by Ashanti is playing in the background.
I feel like a goddess.
I feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in this world.

My climax arrives 
And slowly goes,
As it drips down from my fingers and my throne.

The song ends,
And a smile grows back on my face.
Should I do it again?